March gemini love horoscope

It may be that this person plays the geek while they fall for quite physical, heroic types.

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Or it may be the other way round where the Gemini decan 1is the seducer, who drapes themselves over their partners computer and dramatically throws away their spectacles. Eyes seem to be an issue with the ascendant because this is also the physical body too.

With Gemini decan 2.

This wild and roller-coaster energy really needs channeling into a cause, for the greater good or into artistic projects. If not these people can either run themselves into the ground with hard partying or get totally obsessed with one human being. It is essential that they choose the right partner to be the brakes in their life.

Gemini Love Horoscope

God help them if they choose another Gemini decan 2, as one will be constantly trying to overtake the other and there will be no restrictions on playing chicken. If you have never had a natal astrology chart interpretation, you are in for a real eye-opener! Order your own personal Life Destiny astrology chart reading based on your date and place of birth.

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Gemini Love Horoscope - Monthly. Monthly Horoscope December In fact, your sweetheart wants very much to do this WITH you in March, so you might want to remain open to one of his or her zany ideas that actually winds up being quite gratifying.

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You might have an opportunity to study a subject you're both fascinated with together in a more specialized or formal way. You might also decide to throw caution to the wind this month and book that vacation to the destinations abroad you've both always wanted to travel. If single, a Full Moon in your romance sector on March 20 will key you in to what you're really looking for in a mate.