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There are about thirty pages on Tarot history with geographic distribution maps, tables, charts and many, many card images. Before deleting the link, you may want to look at all the pages that start on the Classic Tarots page. The Hermitage Tarot history site has encyclopedic essays on the history of Tarot cards. It includes a card by card history of each trump card.

It also covers Tarot classification , and a comparison of decks from each Tarot pattern family. Look at the Milanese pattern family for an example. To my mind, it's much more balanced than most of the articles on Wikipedia since it gives equal weight to card games, divination, and other uses for Tarot cards. Tarot History is a new site, but is off to a nice start. So far it covers three important historical decks: the Cary-Yale Visconti deck , the Visconti Sforza deck , and the Jacques Vieville deck. None of these are commercial sites, sites offering tarot reading for a fee, or sites presenting cartomantic interpretations that are subjective to the author of the site.

I could make a site saying a card has a certain cartomantic meaning, but who's to say my interpretation is right or wrong? We have to stick to encyclopedic content, not primary source material. They should be included. It has been included here before but deleted due to some false perception that Wikipedia articles should not link to other Wiki's.

Statistical analisis of divinations. I feel sorry that the link to the Tarot Card Meanings provided by the Paranormality website have been removed because the link was originally given permission to stay. The tarot meanings provided by this website are some of the most widely used on the web and love or hate the website that particular external link is a useful one and does add to the article. I am new here. I attempted to add information about a new occult tarot yesterday, but before I learned how to create a page for the deck on Wikipedia, an admin told me not to add spammy external links to the tarot article.

I am confused. I feel that before we think about adding a lot of content, we should think about the section titles and sub-titles. This is my initial suggestion. I'm the first person to change if I hear a more logical suggestion, so these are just an initial set of titles to get us going.

If we can work with each other to turn this article into a featured article or even a good one , it will be a true accomplishment for Wikipedia. The Rider Waite images in this article, as well as similar ones, are colorized versions to avoid the US Games copyrights. It's my understanding that the black and white versions are in the public domain.

Is it Wikipedia material to have these artificially doctored illustrations in the article? Smiloid , 4 February UTC. I am very fond of the artistry of Pamela Coleman Smiith's designs, but they are copyrighted. Frankly, I think the article would be improved with more variety. I have a lot of historical reproduction decks, and when I get the chance I will scan some and post them here for people to look at and vote on.

It is not the Rider Waite deck to which I object. It is the inclusion of colorized images which bothers me. Is this not a kind of "original research?

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I see two possible solutions here. We can still use these colorized images, but add some tag indicating up front that these are computer colorized replications. Smiloid , 23 February UTC. I've included the VS tarot to make sure we have a diversity of images. The article for that particular deck is literally begging for more links. I also think that those French suited decks commonly used for games should also appear here as such cards were alsoincluded in Kaplan's Encyclopedia's of Tarot Smiloid , 18 March UTC.

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If I read it correctly, this is groundbreaking new understanding about the evolution of the cards, and the original intent about their symbolic structure and gameplay. As one of the authors of the Trionfi. The text is relevant for the "Imperatori cards phase" ca. Privately spoken: I personally think, that there is a context between all 4 developments, but it is a complex theme - and from our side not ready. I think for the moment, that the Wikipedia article is better without that complicating debate.

The word Taraux and Tarocchi appeared in the year in France and in Ferrara for the first time - see short note and here, but only provisionally From the point of history - it would be naturally to present the second half of 15th centure better. Generally the current line of Tarot history research and theory is formed by two opposing viewing points - one orthodox interpretation suggests the hypothesis, that there was an original and hidden-to-our-eyes Tarot ca. The crucial point in the debate is the socalled Pierpont-Morgan-Bergamo-Tarocchi, which is dated ca.

As in two Trionfi card decks are mentioned, which had only 70 cards, it is from this alternative side argumented, that the Pierpont-Morgan-Bergamo-Tarocchi ALSO was originally a deck with 70 cards only organised in a 5xstructure - which is a possible solution for all cards made by the first painter of the Pierpont-Morgan-Bergamo-Tarocchi, who left 13 trumps, 1 Fool and 54 of 56 small cards - only 2 cards are lost, one them in the 20th century.

The relevant remaining special cards are Well, and there are much further more complicated arguments Following the argumentation of the "real-data-fraction", then the time of the "origin of the standard Tarot" might move from earlier accepted "" or "ca. Please clean up your references; those anonymous external links especially.

Give them the correct title, author etc.

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Shinobu , 7 May UTC. There is some discussion in the article about the origins disputed as they are of the word "Tarot" itself.

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What about the usages "trump" and "arcana" for the different portions of the deck? Where do these surface, and based on what? Many of the captions state that The quality of colors may differ slightly from the US Games versions. Unless the colors depicted are used uniformly in the rest of the world, why have this rather US-centric statement? This section is getting jammed up with trivia.

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It seems to be a trivia magnet! Can I suggest we remove it or alternatively split if off elsewhere. References to the tarot are so numerous that I don't see this providing much use. Any views before I become bold and delete it? We've had this problem before. This whole series of articles on Tarot readings seems to be full of cruft. Here is what you should be focusing on, or …. Choose a card, see what your tarot reading for the last week of February reveals. Also included are weekly affirmations and essential oils.

Whether you are single or dating, I wish you a very love filled Valentine week. Here is what you should be focusing …. Tomorrow begins a new week and a new lunar cycle with the New Moon in Aquarius. Is it me, or does each year seem to go faster and faster? Here is what you …. Get the app: Android iPhone. Open in App. Toggle navigation.

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